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As South Africa’s leading independent property buyers consultancy, SAHomeBuyers is able to access all Noordhoek Property for sale, whether listed with an agent or a private sale. We have no allegiance to any particular selling agents or any developers. Our clients can therefore rest assured that this independence means we access all Noordhoek Property For Sale and, more importantly, help you to find the one Noordhoek Property For Sale that exactly meets your requirements.

Noordhoek property for sale

Noordhoek is located on the South Peninsula – One of the most sought after addresses in Cape Town

If you are searching for that perfect Noordhoek Property for sale, SAHomeBuyers is here to help. Noordhoek is surprisingly convenient in terms of location. Access to the centre of Cape Town in just 35 – 40 minutes (via Chapman’s Peak) and even in rush hour the drive isn’t much longer than this. Nestled in a valley with the natural boundaries of Silvermine mountainside and the Atlantic Ocean, the Noordhoek area has much to offer residents with its natural beauty, a retreat from the hustle of town life and wide array of amenities.

Whilst Noordhoek has seen substantial development in the last 5 years, tight environmental controls and the natural borders of the sea and conservation land have ensured it retains a village vibe and natural beauty. It is indeed the village vibe that Noordhoek remains famous for. Whether it’s the attraction of the hosting the southern seaboard’s longest beach frequented by sun-seekers, dog walkers, surfers and horse-riders, the wonderful hiking trails or the hospitable Noordhoek Farm Village, life in Noordhoek is never boring.

Explaining SAHomeBuyers service for property buyers in Noordhoek in Cape Towns South PeninsulaNoordhoek Property for sale with SAHomeBuyers

SAHomeBuyers is a discerning private buyers consultancy operating throughout the Cape Province. As one of our most sought after areas we have represented numerous buyers in Noordhoek. We can boast years of experience in helping you to source, secure and negotiate on your planned purchase. Importantly we don’t stock properties (yes that’s right we have no Noordhoek Property For Sale). Remember we don’t work for the seller we work for you the buyer. With us you can access all Noordhoek Property For Sale with just one phone call or e-mail. We help you to identify the right houses in the right area and at the right price!

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Why use SAHomeBuyers to help you look for Noordhoek Property for sale?

  • We work with you to help save you money on your purchase of a Noordhoek Property for sale.
  • We provide you with the security of ensuring a qualified attorney is assisting you (not the seller) with the legal aspects of your purchase.
  • We are property professionals looking after your interests and working towards the best price, terms and conditions on your behalf.
  • When looking at Noordhoek Property For Sale, we tell you the good, bad and ugly – our role means ensuring you have all the facts to make an informed decision.

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