Noordhoek Community

If you decide to purchase a property for sale in Noordhoek one of the main attractions of the area is its ‘comfortable, friendly and welcoming’ vibe. It does not take new arrivals long to settle into the Noordhoek Community.

Whether you are enjoying the Thursday night braai at the Café Roux or a relaxing Sunday morning at the Noordhoek Village, you cannot help but notice the many different accents, cultures and people. The one thing you can be sure of in Noordhoek is that no matter who they are or where they originate from all will possess that special Noordhoek vibe and take pride in thier Noordhoek CommunityThursday nights and Sundays at Noordhoek Village most reflect this Noordhoek community. The car park may contain everything from a Ferrari or two through to a 20-year old Honda Civic, but at Café Roux and The Toad it is one big celebration, delicious food, fine wine or cold beers and live music to sing and dance along to.

Of course the Noordhoek community plays home to its proud local South Africans and, as it has gained in stature, what was once one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets has now become one of Cape Town’s preferred places to live for many different nationalities. You will find businessmen, retirees from Europe and Johannesburg, surfers and ‘green warriors’. Don’t be surprised to see a fair amount of locals barefoot (in preference to wearing shoes), surfboards on roof-racks and horses trotting by.

Noordhoek community

Noordhoek beachwalk – Courtesy of Frames of mind


Noordhoek community location

Noordhoek is surprisingly close to everything (don’t be put off by the beautiful Silvermine mountainside) but isolated enough for it to be self-sufficient. Its beauty is unmistakable and its vibe – superb. The southern suburbs of Cape Town, in which Noordhoek is located, is cited as being one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Cape Town. Noordhoek is no different and represented amongst its residents will be local South Africans, English, Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese (to name but a few).

Due to its close proximity to some of Cape Town’s better schools, the area is a magnet for families who are additionally attracted by its easy access to the many amenities on offer including shopping, beaches and restaurants. With the Cape Town CBD and international airport just 30 – 40 minutes away the area also attracts a number of business people who are seeking easy city access but wish to reside away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Surrounded by mountainsides and long beaches, the outdoor lifestyle is also an attraction with surfing, boating, hiking and mountain bike trails on offer and, for the more relaxed, a number of excellent weekend braai locations.

There is no typical Noordhoek resident – it offers everything from retired Lords to business people and surfers . Depending on location and style, property prices range from R600,000 for an apartment through to tens of millions for luxurious homes. All buyers share in common an eye for sound property investment, a view to a more country lifestyle without sacrificing the convenience of the city and of course that famous village vibe.

If you are looking to purchase property in Noordhoekand learn more about the Noordhoek community, contact our resident buyers consultant Marco Garuti. Our Noordhoek property consultant, Marco Garuti, can be contacted by email here or by phoning + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.